The content for this website is made using a VS Code extension: rustnote. It runs Rust code in notebook format, and saves the results to standard markdown (CommonMark).

The site is then built with a static site generator called mdbook.

My Rust projects

  • rustkernel: Takes in rust code from a VS Code notebook, runs it and returns stdout and stderror so it can be rendered in VS Code, behaves like a jupyter notebook.
  • rustnote: Uses rustkernel from VS code to run Rust code interactively inside an .md document.
  • rustnote-site: The source code for this website, including the palenight theme.
  • ech: A very simple TCP server to return the message back to the caller in a raw u8 stream, and print it to stdout. It's helpful for programs where you don't have the source code, or are trying to understand what's actually being sent out by a messy program.
  • postport: Converts Postman collections to interactive static websites (still experimental).
  • rustlings-fix: Fixes rustlings to work with rust-analyzer (language server). Pull request open for the functionality natively in rustlings here: rustlings